Each year the Transportation & Community Safety Commission prioritizes and funds traffic safety projects focused on traffic safety. Projects are nominated by the public and staff. The projects are prioritized using adopted scoring criteria and selected by the Commission for funding. The annual TMPL budget is $50,000.

Various improvements have been made throughout the city since the program has started. Generally, the funding has gone towards pedestrian and school safety. Typical improvements have included changes to striping and signage, pedestrian countdown timers, accessible pedestrian signals (APS), rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFB), and radar speed feedback signs.

Upcoming TMPL Projects:

  • Felicita Avenue at Montview Drive - signing and striping changes to improve safety through a curved street and improved bicycle facility.
  • Hidden Valley Middle School, Reed Road at Moody Drive - improved school signage and pedestrian crossing.
  • Felicita Elementary School, 15th Avenue at Tulip Street - improved school signage and pedestrian crossing.
  • Classical Academy, Canyon Road at Gretna Green Way - improved school signage and pedestrian crossing with side street stop control.
  • Khayyam Road - LED curve warning signage.
  • Golden Circle Drive - series of radar speed feedback signage.

Past TMPL Projects:

High visibility crosswalk on Broadway at North Avenue near Reidy Creek School. Local Girl Scout Troop 2080 advocated for the placement of the crosswalk to the Transportation and Community Safety Commission.









High visibility crosswalk with rectangular rapid flashing beacon on Mission Avenue for the crossing at Mission Middle School.
New curb ramp with high visibility crosswalk with improved school crossing signs at Oak Hill Drive and Nancy Street for Oak Hill Elementary School
High visibility crosswalk, yield limit lines & yield signage, improved school crossing signage with rectangular rapid flashing beacons, and traffic calming markings across Citrus Avenue at Oak Hill Drive near Pioneer Elementary School.
High visibility crosswalk, yield limit line, striping improvements, and advanced crosswalk signage on eastbound Lincoln Avenue at Ash Street.