Escondido Scores Big with New Futsal Courts: Boosting Sports Tourism and Community Spirit

Futsal February 2024 article

Escondido Scores Big with New Futsal Courts: Boosting Sports Tourism and Community Spirit

On February 3rd, Escondido celebrated a major victory not just for soccer fans, but for the city's economic future. The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the brand-new futsal courts in Washington Park marked a turning point, solidifying Escondido's commitment to fostering a vibrant sports tourism industry and enriching the lives of its residents.

Futsal: A Global Phenomenon on Escondido's Doorstep

For the uninitiated, futsal is a fast-paced, five-a-side version of soccer played on a hard court. This dynamic sport emphasizes technical mastery, improvisation, and quick thinking, making it a breeding ground for exceptional talent and an electrifying spectacle for spectators. Its popularity is surging worldwide, and Escondido is seizing the opportunity to become a regional hub for this exciting sport.

"I am very excited to bring the region's first futsal courts to Washington Park in District 1 of the City of Escondido," said Councilmember Consuelo Martinez. "This community asset will be a wonderful place for people to gather and enjoy the sport together. It is wonderful to see the community's vision come to fruition."

Investing in the Beautiful Game: Economic Benefits Kick In

The new futsal courts are not just about passion for the sport; they represent a strategic investment in Escondido's economic future. Aligned with the City's Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), streamlined industry targeting initiative which includes Sports Tourism, these courts are poised to attract visitors, boost local businesses, and create jobs.

Here's why:

Futsal courts are cost-effective to build and maintain, making them an attractive option for municipalities.

They attract a diverse user base, from local residents to regional futsal enthusiasts, leading to increased foot traffic for local businesses.

Tournaments, training camps, and leagues can further elevate Escondido's profile as a futsal destination, drawing tourism dollars and investment.

The SDFC Chrome Ball Tour: Putting Escondido on the Futsal Map

The recent San Diego Football Club (SDFC) Chrome Ball Tour event at the new courts offered a glimpse into this exciting future. The event not only provided a platform for local youth to showcase their skills and compete with regional teams, but also served as a magnet for visitors, generating buzz and showcasing Escondido's commitment to futsal.

The success of the event is a testament to the city's vision. Collaborations with organizations like San Diego FC and Street Soccer USA further amplify Escondido's reach and solidify its position as a premier futsal destination. This event also brought in other diverse sports including a skateboard competition by SK8MAFIA's Tricks For Cash Event.


Beyond the Pitch: Building a Stronger Community

The positive impact of these courts extends beyond economic benefits. Futsal fosters a sense of community, sportsmanship, and healthy competition. The vibrant scene of children playing, teenagers honing their skills, and adults enjoying friendly matches strengthens the social fabric of Escondido.


Join the Movement!

The future of futsal in Escondido is bright. With its commitment to providing high-quality facilities, fostering talent, and attracting regional events, the city is poised to become a leading player in the world of futsal.

Here's how you can be a part of it:

Visit the Escondido Recreation website to learn more about futsal programs and court availability:

Connect with San Diego FC for upcoming events and opportunities: & Feb 3 event photos

Stay updated on Escondido's economic development initiatives:


Escondido AgX Gathering—A Catalyst for Agritech Innovation


The Escondido AgX Gathering, held at the historic Churchill House in Escondido, California, on January 30, served as a significant meeting point for those at the forefront of agriculture, food production, and technology. Organized by Fresh Brewed Tech Live and sponsored by The VINE, the event went beyond mere networking to foster innovation, collaboration, and thought leadership within the agritech community. It attracted a broad range of participants, including entrepreneurs, seasoned farmers, and venture capitalists, all united in their quest to explore and amplify the synergies between agriculture and technology.

Building a Supportive Agritech Community

Neal Bloom opened the event, emphasizing the importance of community and collaboration in advancing the agritech sector. As a prominent figure in Escondido’s tech and innovation sphere, Bloom’s remarks highlighted the potential for growth and evolution within the industry, encouraging attendees to actively participate and envision a future where agriculture and technology seamlessly integrate.

Jennifer Scheoneck, representing the City of Escondido, added a local dimension to the conversation on global agricultural and technological challenges and opportunities. As Director of Economic Development, her insights highlighted Escondido’s agricultural roots and its emerging tech landscape, positioning the city as an ideal incubator for agritech innovation. “Our city is rich in agriculture and ripe in technology,” she said, underscoring the city’s potential as a nexus for agricultural and technological co-evolution.

Gabe Youtsey, Chief Innovation Officer of University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) and co-founder of The VINE, shared the initiative’s efforts to encourage collaboration and innovation between agriculture and technology. Highlighting the growing interest in agritech solutions, Youtsey’s discussion on UC ANR and The VINE’s role in supporting the agricultural community through technology underscored the enthusiasm surrounding technological advancements in agriculture.

“Our journey began with the foundations laid at UC Davis, UC Riverside, and UC Berkeley,” Youtsey said. “Since then, our mission has expanded significantly, driven by a burgeoning interest among UC’s innovators, scientists, and students in critical areas such as agriculture, food security, and climate change. Our commitment is unwavering—to foster the commercialization of cutting-edge technologies, bolster the workforce, and stimulate economic growth.”

Demonstrating Immediate Value

One of the highlights of the Escondido AgX Gathering was the fireside chat with Jayce Hafner, co-founder of FarmRaise. This session offered deep insights into the intersection of agriculture and technology, underscoring the challenges and opportunities present in today’s agritech landscape. Hafner shared her journey and the mission behind FarmRaise, emphasizing the platform’s aim to “help farmers master their finances,” a crucial aspect for the sustainability and growth of farming operations. “What that means in practice is we are a platform that makes it incredibly easy for farmers to ingest all their core farm data in one place,” Hafner explained, highlighting the significance of streamlined financial management in agriculture.

The conversation with Hafner shed light on the broader implications of technological integration into farming practices. She discussed the initial skepticism about technology adoption among farmers and how agritech companies can address this challenge. “Farmers are often the first to adopt a new tool or technology… The core thing we have to unlock for farmers is we have to show the value of the tool,” Hafner noted, reflecting on the need for tech solutions that demonstrate immediate value and ease of use for the agricultural community.

Throughout the chat, Hafner’s anecdotes and insights painted a vivid picture of the potential for technology to transform agriculture. Her emphasis on the importance of building trust with farmers and providing them with tools that can tangibly improve their operations aligned with The VINE’s mission of fostering innovation within the agri-food sector. The dialogue underscored a shared vision of a future where technology and agriculture evolve together, highlighting the critical role of platforms like FarmRaise and initiatives like The VINE in facilitating this evolution.

Facilitating Meaningful Connections

The gathering also featured a unique match-based networking session, underlining the event’s commitment to fostering meaningful connections. This innovative approach deliberately paired entrepreneurs, investors, and industry professionals based on shared interests and goals, facilitating discussions that went beyond traditional networking. Participants engaged in targeted, productive conversations, laying the groundwork for potential collaborations and a community united in advancing agritech solutions for the agrifood sector.

Reflections and Future Directions

The Escondido AgX Gathering not only showcased the dynamic synergy between agriculture and technology but also underscored the collective vision of an integrated future. The insights from Bloom, Scheoneck, Youtsey, and Hafner, along with the networking sessions, highlighted the event’s role as a catalyst for innovation and growth in the agritech sector.

As the agritech landscape continues to evolve, gatherings like these are critical in shaping a future where technology and agriculture not only coexist but thrive together. The dialogue and connections nurtured at the Escondido AgX Gathering reaffirm the potential for significant impact, promising a future of mutual growth and innovation in the agritech domain.

Escondido: Where Dream Homes Blossom – From Vision to Veranda

Escondido, nestled amidst rolling hills and kissed by the California sun, isn't just a charming city – it's a canvas for your dream home. Whether you envision a sleek, modern masterpiece or a cozy cottage basking in nature's embrace, Escondido empowers your home creation journey with a unique blend of artistic inspiration and tech-savvy support.

Jennifer Schoeneck, Director of Economic Development, captures the city's spirit: "Escondido fosters a spirit of innovation and creativity, evident in the thriving art scene and cutting-edge businesses. This extends to home creation, where residents have access to exceptional resources to bring their vision to life."

Step into Homesteez, a vibrant art and furniture store on Grand Avenue, and you're greeted by a symphony of possibilities. Their recent exhibit, "New Song Old Tongue," by local artist Ben Day Todd, is a testament to the raw creativity pulsating within Escondido. "We believe art inspires the home," says Homesteez owner Seth Karaien. "Ben's work, blending nature and human elements, reflects the connection residents seek with their surroundings."

This connection can manifest in countless ways, thanks to Escondido's diverse landscape. Imagine waking up to panoramic mountain views, tending a vineyard nestled in rolling hills, or enjoying the serenity of a secluded forest retreat. Homesteez's curated collection of furniture and objets d'art, sourced from local artisans and around the globe, helps translate these dreams into tangible spaces.

But dreams need blueprints, and that's where Buildable steps in. This Escondido-born company takes the mystery out of custom home building. "We're your white-glove service," says Buildable co-founder, Nick Parisi. "We help you find the perfect plot of land, navigate permits, and connect you with a network of trusted architects and builders."

Buildable leverages technology to streamline the process. Their interactive platform lets you explore Escondido's diverse neighborhoods, visualize potential builds on specific lots, and even estimate construction costs. "It's all about taking the fear out of building," adds Parisi. "We want to empower Escondido residents to confidently turn their dream homes into reality."

Right down the street from Homesteez, visit Escondido’s Historic District which features a strong collection of architectural treasures including stately Victorians, comfortable Craftsman bungalows, and eclectic Art Deco and Post World War II residences built in the mid-1880s to date. Download a free walking tour map and explore the City’s oldest neighborhood to capture the inspiration that awaits in this elegant neighborhood.

So, if you're harboring a home building or designing a dream, look no further than Escondido. Immerse yourself in the artistic inspiration at Homesteez, tap into Buildable's tech-enabled expertise, and watch your vision bloom amidst the city's vibrant landscape. As Jennifer Schoeneck puts it, "Escondido isn't just a place to live – it's a place to create your own masterpiece."

Why Supporting Escondido's Local Businesses Matters This Holiday

As the festive season descends upon us, the familiar urge to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones takes hold. It’s a perfect time to support the small businesses that make up the majority of the businesses in the community.


Small businesses are the lifeblood of the community. They provide unique products and services, create jobs for residents, and contribute significantly to the local economy. In fact, studies show that for every dollar spent at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays within the community, supporting local schools, infrastructure, and vital services.


Beyond the economic benefits, small businesses offer an unparalleled level of customer service and personalization. This personal touch adds a layer of meaning and appreciation to purchases, making the giving experience even more special.


“The community’s really behind us. Everybody is coming out to support small businesses like ours,” said Samantha Nawrocki, who with her husband are co-owners of Manzanita Roasting in Downtown Escondido.


Small Business Saturday is the kickoff to the shop local season and while the November 25 event was a great success, the entire holiday season is an opportunity to boost the local economy.


Here are just a few reasons why to Shop Small in Escondido this holiday season:

  • Unique and Diverse Products: Discover one-of-a-kind items and handcrafted gifts that you won't find anywhere else. Shop for locally-made clothing, jewelry, art, home goods, and gourmet food – each with a story and connection to your community.
  • Personalized Shopping Experience: Enjoy attentive and knowledgeable service from the owners and staff who are passionate about their products and dedicated to helping you find the perfect gift.
  • Support Local Jobs and the Economy: Your purchases directly benefit local families and contribute to the economic prosperity of our city.
  • Invest in the Community: By supporting small businesses, you help build a vibrant and diverse community where people can live, work, and shop.
  • Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Practices: Many small businesses prioritize sustainability, using local materials, minimizing waste, and offering eco-friendly products.
  • Experience the Charm of Escondido: Explore the vibrant downtown and charming neighborhoods, discovering hidden gems and experiencing the unique character of our city.


Look for the "Shop Local Escondido" logo to identify participating businesses and explore the vibrant diversity of our city's offerings. Visit the Escondido Downtown Business Association website or the City of Escondido website for a directory of local businesses and special holiday events.


This holiday season, choose Escondido, and experience the magic of supporting your local community.

Innovating in the Food, Beverage, and Agriculture Industry with Leaders of Innovate 78

A recent dinner hosted by Innovate 78 brought together business leaders from the five cities along the 78 Highway, which includes Escondido, San Marcos, Vista, Carlsbad, and Oceanside.


Organized by the San Diego North County Economic Development Council (SDNEDC), the event aimed to connect leaders from diverse businesses, from large to small, nonprofits to for-profits, to share resources and foster a thriving regional business environment.


With a focus on the food, beverage, and agriculture industries – dense hubs in North County – the dinner sparked conversations around these rapidly growing sectors. The success of local companies like Stone Brewing, which started in the mid-90s and grew into a world-leading private brewery, highlights the industry's potential. Stone's story, from inspiring a craft brewing revolution to training countless professionals and ultimately merging with Sapporo, offers valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Director of Communications and Public Relations, Lizzie Younkin, shared her eight-year journey with Stone and its future aspirations, providing firsthand insights gleaned from building and growing a successful company.


The dinner also featured representatives from the agriculture/grower community, including GroGreen, a rapidly innovating lettuce producer. The camaraderie fostered by the Escondido AgX quarterly gatherings was evident at the dinner, demonstrating the positive impact of these events within the Escondido agricultural community.


Kudos to the SDNEDC team for organizing this valuable experience by bringing together the right people and facilitating meaningful conversations.


To join this vibrant community, consider attending the next Escondido AgX Gathering on January 30, 2024. This event will also serve as an information session for the 2nd Annual Escondido AgX Startup Hackathon, taking place March 7-9, 2024.

Empowered Futures: The Escondido Union High School District’s Commitment to Excellence

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An Escondido Union High School District graduate. Courtesy EUHSD

The fervor and anticipation surrounding the Escondido Union High School District (EUHSD) 2023-24 academic year remains as tangible now as when the doors first flung open. An unwavering commitment to equip students for college, career, and life, EUHSD offers a diverse curriculum across its five campuses: Escondido, Orange Glen, San Pasqual, Valley, and Del Lago Academy. 

“Whether in the classroom, library, Learning Center, or on the field, each student is provided the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills to prepare for a successful future,” said Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services Dr. Martin Casas. 

For nearly 130 years, EUHSD has been a cornerstone of educational excellence in the community — proudly embracing the responsibility of public education for all. The district’s dedication to inclusive education is evident in its enrollment, which exceeds 6,500 students. Within this rich tapestry, 81% of students are eligible for free and reduced lunch, 23.4% are English language learners, 15.9% are special education students and .3% are foster youth. 

A focus this year continues to be the Free Advanced Placement (AP) Program, where the district covers the cost of AP exams for all students. The move resulted in a 48% increase in students taking at least one AP exam, breaking down financial barriers to advanced coursework.

“The district believes all students can achieve at high levels,” Casas said. 

EUHSD students access a wide spectrum of learning opportunities from nationally recognized AP courses to college and career technical education pathways. The district strongly emphasizes science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education, independent study, after-school enrichment, and career exploration. 

EUHSD’s Dual Enrollment and Middle College programs provide a seamless transition to higher education. Through a partnership with Palomar College, students can pursue community college courses and high school classes simultaneously. Additionally, EUHSD provides the chance to earn an associate degree and high school diploma through its Middle College at Orange Glen program. 

A woodshop class at San Pasqual High School. Courtesy EUHSD

The Career Technical Education (CTE) program is another key initiative for EUHSD. Presenting diverse vocational pathways from agriculture, auto mechanics, and journalism to new programs such as advanced digital photography and wood innovation and design, students gain practical skills that will serve them well in future careers. 

Casas says community engagement will be even more prominent in the district’s future. Escondido Adult School is an integral part of this mission, where over 5,000 students each year complete a high school diploma, learn a new skill or trade, or develop hidden talents and passions. 

“Our schools are evolving into hubs that offer resources and opportunities to both students and the broader community,” Casas shared. 

Looking ahead, EUHSD students will be trained leaders in addressing pressing issues such as sustainability and environmental stewardship. Future educational initiatives will integrate more advanced technology for immersive learning such as robotics, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence to personalize learning experiences. 

The district’s robotics program already stands as a testament to its ingenuity. With numerous local, city, regional, and national championships, EUHSD’s robotics teams exemplify the potential within its student body. 

“The Escondido Union High School District’s tradition of excellence remains steadfast, constantly growing and adapting,” said Jennifer Schoeneck, Director of Economic Development at City of Escondido. “With a dedication to innovation, inclusivity, and empowering students, EUHSD is shaping the future leaders of our community.” 

For more about the Escondido Union High School District, go to

Escondido’s Students Benefit from Diverse Education, Resources

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The Classical Academies have three campuses in Escondido including an elementary school.
Photo courtesy of The Classical Academies.

Back-to-school energy is building for students in Escondido. Wherever they open a new notebook means embarking on a solid foundation of personal and academic growth. 

From award-winning charter schools to STEM-focused academies, traditional public schools and specialized private schools, students can access an enriching educational landscape to meet their diverse academic needs and various resources that set them up for success. 

“Each year holds great promise and potential,” said Cameron Curry, chief executive officer of The Classical Academies, a tuition-free charter school serving 5,500 students in North County, including three campuses in Escondido. 

The Classical Academies organization differs from the traditional school district because it offers flexible programs including hybrid, virtual and independent study. This flexibility encourages students to explore their interests, personalize learning and reach their maximum potential.

“We have an obligation to be our best and do our best for those we are honored to serve,” Curry said. 

This profound commitment to students and their families is one of the many reasons The Classical Academies is consistently ranked highest in the city by “Great Schools.” 

A Classical Academies classroom. Photo courtesy of The Classical Academies.

Escondido Union School District is also gaining recognition in unprecedented ways. Last year, It caught the eye of billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott who gifted $16 million to the district. A representative for the philanthropist said she was impressed with the district’s work and wanted it to “keep moving forward.” District officials said changes are expected to be visible this 2023-24 school year and will likely include an emphasis on real-world skills such as financial literacy and cooking. 

On a related note, an award-winning future planning program is rebranding and expanding to Escondido this fall. Soon-to-be called Project Next, formerly San Marcos Promise named 2023 Community-based Organization of the Year by the San Diego County Office of Education, helps high school students prepare for their future — whether that’s college, military, trade schools or the workforce. The nonprofit empowers students to “own their next.” 

“There is no one-size-fits-all path to success,” said Lisa Stout, Project Next’s executive director. “If no two students are the same, why does society encourage them to follow a single formula? Our kids deserve to know their many options — and pursue what works for them.”

Most Project Next programming occurs in future centers at participating high schools, think co-working space meets Starbucks, where students have immediate access to post-graduation preparation and planning with career coaches. Students also connect with local businesses, learn practical life skills, financial planning and more. 

Teens gather at a Project Next future center in San Marcos. Photo courtesy of Project Next.

Students nearing graduation are also encouraged to apply for the Legends Scholarship Program, awarded to eight seniors attending Escondido high schools. Honorariums, linked to a legend in Escondido’s history, go toward academic and higher education expenses such as college application fees, tuition, and books. 

“There are excellent K-12 educational opportunities for families in the City of Escondido that will prepare students for their next educational choice after high school graduation whether it’s a four year university, community college or trade school,” said Jennifer Schoeneck, Deputy Director of Economic Development of the City of Escondido.

For more about The Classical Academies, go to

For more about Project Next, go to

How Escondido’s Agriculture Companies Remain Agile

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As the epicenter of San Diego County’s agricultural history, Escondido’s fertile hills and valleys are a significant economic contributor to the region – making up 19% of the County's agricultural production. While the city’s agricultural roots remain strong, farms, growers, and producers are evolving to adopt sustainable, efficient strategies to combat shrinking resources. Thankfully, Escondido is home to numerous AgTech companies helping the region operate in our diverse ecosystem. From traditional to tech, here’s how Escondido’s agriculture companies are adapting to the challenges of modern consumerism. 

Grangetto’s Farm & Garden Supply

Since 1952, Grangetto’s Farm & Garden Supply has been the go-to resource for growers, landscapers, and homeowners in Escondido. Selling a variety of products, from farm hardware to fertilizers, Grangetto’s mission is to help educate and inspire people at levels of their farm or garden experience. In addition to the storefront, Grangetto’s offers trainings and workshops and commercial services for large scale local growers, such as Henry Avocado Corporation.

Photo courtesy of Grangetto’s.

After 71 years in business, the leaders at Grangetto’s know that staying ahead of change is vital to their business, especially in agriculture. The store uses point-of-sale, inventory management, and account software to ensure they are always stocked for the farm community. Relying on business software solutions allows brothers Eddie and Kevin Grangetto to focus on addressing some of the pressing challenges facing farmers and growers.

“The escalating price of water and its limited availability in California is one of the biggest challenges facing our local growers and farmers,” said Kevin Grangetto, owner of Grangetto's Farm & Garden Supply. “We rely on our decades in business to manage our water resources, using data loggers, soil moisture monitoring equipment, and more. We help our customers determine when to irrigate, for how long, and best practices to minimize erosion.”

Grangetto’s also works with local agriculture organizations – University of California Cooperative Extension and the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service – to help provide the latest technology to the farming community.

“We are cautiously optimistic about the future, but are actively working to get us through labor limitations, an aging workforce, and price drops on produce,” shared Grangetto. “Farmers markets and exposure to the local farming community is critical to any future growth as well as encouraging and educating our customers about how they can grow their own fruits and vegetables.”

The city’s focus on agriculture development and investment in the incubator has also been helpful, shared Grangetto. “We appreciate the City of Escondido’s leaders and economic development team who have backed the agriculture community and advocated for our growth.”

Henry Avocado Corporation

Founded nearly 100 years ago, Escondido-based Henry Avocado was one of the first growers to plant avocados in San Diego County. Avocados remain the largest local crop and despite the pressures facing growers today, continues to thrive and expand. Five years ago, the company moved into a 50,000-square-foot, two-story facility, which is 20% larger than their previous site, yet remaining in Escondido. The new site has allowed Henry Avocado to implement the latest processing, refrigeration, and forced-air ripening technology in the industry.

Photo courtesy of Henry Avocado.

The new site has helped Henry Avocado sustain their evolving roles. While the company originally started out as a grower, Henry Avocado has expanded to harvesting avocados from its groves and distributing them to customers throughout Southern California. The steady avocado demand in California has allowed Henry Avocado to expand to other states as well. The company opened its Charlotte, North Carolina facility in 2017, allowing them to distribute California-grown avocados to the East Coast.

“We have chosen to remain in Escondido because it is a great place for our co-workers and their families to live, it has excellent transportation access, and because city leaders proactively recognize the value of agriculture and related services to Escondido’s economy, residents, and quality of life”, said Phil Henry, President of Henry Avocado.

Grangetto’s and Henry Avocado are just two of the many agricultural companies leading change in Escondido and beyond. There’s no better way to learn more about their work and the other exciting opportunities in agriculture and AgTech than at the upcoming AgTech Gathering on August 17th. The Gathering brings together farmers, technologists, community leaders, engineers, and more to enjoy a jam-packed agenda that focuses on food system problems and innovative solutions. Secure your ticket here

Photo courtesy of Fresh Brewed Tech.


Plan Your Perfect Summer Experience in Escondido

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Known for its picturesque landscapes and near perfect weather, Escondido offers a range of activities and events for family fun this summer. Engaging in outdoor adventures, exploring artistic endeavors, and enjoying culinary escapades are just a few of the many activities that will make this summer truly unforgettable for the whole family.

Escondido’s Wine Region

Find yourself immersed in rich experiences in all that Escondido has to offer, beginning with touring our diverse group of wineries, each offering its own unique flavors, entertainment, and beautiful scenery. See the full list of Escondido wineries here.

Orfila Vineyards and Winery

The 70-acre estate offers a pastoral view from its tasting room and patio. Families can enjoy the tree-lined picnic area, complete with grassy knolls and picnic tables. Orfila is renowned for crafting exceptional wines, carefully curated from Italian and French varietals, including those hailing from the esteemed regions of the Rhône Valley, Burgundy, and Bordeaux. 

Forgotten Barrel

Experience the utmost delight at Forgotten Barrel’s charming and rustic tasting room, open Friday through Sunday. With ample outdoor seating, Forgotten Barrel offers an extensive array of meticulously crafted, premium wines.


Stroll through the vineyards, take a tour, and savor great wines at Altipiano, which is perched high above San Pasqual Valley’s San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido’s Highland Valley Wine Country. A cozy picnic area enables families to relax and enjoy a meal surrounded by nature. Learn more about the women-owned winery on this episode of Fresh Glass, the television series hosted by Cassandra Schaeg, owner of Escondido's SIP Wine & Beer, that shines a spotlight on the inspiring stories of women and BIPOC innovators in the realms of food, beverage, and entrepreneurship.

Courtesy of Altipiano.

Rancho Guejito

Rancho Guejito offers a range of outdoor recreational activities in addition to sampling its sumptuous wines. Horseback on trails, hike and bike, birdwatch, and fish in the ranch's ponds. The tasting room is kid and dog-friendly and offers shade in the gardens and air conditioning inside for hot days.

Summer of Cultural Events

Enhance your family’s summer fun by pairing your vineyard adventure with exciting entertainment from the California Center for the Arts, Escondido’s hub for visual and performing arts.

“The key to any great city is its vibrant arts and culture scene,” shared Gina Lopez, CEO of the California Center for the Arts, Escondido. “Escondido has championed this concept as a visual and performing arts destination with the California Center for the Arts, centrally located in the heart of downtown”.

This summer’s lineup includes:

  • June 25: Juneteenth Celebration, Free educational and wellness activities

  • July 2: Latin GRAMMY winning recording artist, Chiquis

  • July 4: Independence Day Celebration - Free music and activities

  • The Last Friday of each Month: Musica en la Plaza - Free

Musica en la Plaza. Courtesy of California Center for the Arts.

If you’d rather explore inside, discover the transformative power of colorful perspectives and storytelling as you and your family tour several new and dynamic museum exhibits opening on June 10:

  • Frida Kahlo: Through the Lens of Nickolas Muray

  • Nan Coffey: Positively Animated!

  • Let’s Face It: Portraits from the Permanent Collection

Frida Kahlo exhibit. Courtesy of California Center for the Arts.

From July 7-23, the California Center for the Arts is hosting the world premier of Bottle Shock, the Musical, fusing just two of Escondido's greatest assets, art and wine.

Of course, it would not be a true Escondido summer without attending the beloved Cruisin’ Grand event, kicking off on June 23 and running every Friday throughout the summer. Dubbed the No. 1 car cruise in the nation by Curbside TV, Cruisin’ Grand invites people to stroll through Grand Avenue and beyond to admire hundreds of high-end hotrods and vintage cars.

Courtesy of Cruisin' Grand.

This year, embrace the season, embrace the joy, and embark on a summer of family fun in Escondido.

10 Things Your Economic Development Department Can Do for You

Escondido’s economic development department is the go-to resource for businesses

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From public works to parks, cities rely on their various departments to serve residents and businesses. While these departments work collaboratively to execute a city’s strategic plan, they also spearhead their own initiatives based on the city’s unique needs. For Escondido’s business economy, the city’s economic development department works extensively on creating the best environment for burgeoning industries that can spark innovation, solve city challenges, create jobs, and nurture future investments. But economic development extends far beyond drawing in new business, it also acts as a core resource for existing businesses to continue to thrive in Escondido. Want to know more? Check out our list below to see what Escondido’s economic development can do for you.