The Wastewater Division’s collection system maintenance team is responsible for the safe and efficient conveyance of wastewater from residential, commercial and industrial connections to the Hale Avenue Resource Recovery Facility (HARRF).

The City’s wastewater collection system is comprised of roughly 350 miles of sewer pipeline and over 7,500 manholes. In addition to the sewer system within the City’s boundaries, the staff also maintain a 14-mile land outfall pipeline. The outfall pipeline traverses the Escondido Creek, carrying and eventually discharging treated water into the Pacific Ocean.

Combination Jet Rod / Vacuum Truck

Highly specialized equipment is used to maintain the sewer system. This equipment includes three combination jet-rodding/vacuum trucks. These trucks use high-pressure water in combination with different nozzles to clean and flush the system, preventing and breaking blockages.

Additional equipment used is a CCTV inspection van. This van uses robotic camera/transporters to record the condition of the sewer lines. This in-turn allows our construction crew to fix problems with lines before they fail.


The City's wastewater staff are committed to ensuring the health & safety of the public and environment by routinely cleaning and inspecting sewer mains. Below is a list of what you can do to help keep the City clean and safe, as well as protect your sewer lateral line.

  • If you notice an overflowing manhole or sewer line, please call City of Escondido Public Works at 760-839-4668. 


 In addition, the Escondido Report It! App is an efficient way of reporting non-emergency sewer related calls.

  • Help prevent Sewer Overflows. Please do not put grease, eggshells or coffee grounds down the drain or in the garbage disposal. Most importantly, do not flush wet wipes, feminine products or anything other than toilet paper. Even if products are labeled flushable, they do not disintegrate like toilet paper and cause major problems at pumping facilities and the treatment plant.
  • Residents and businesses in Escondido are responsible for all maintenance and repair of their lateral (Escondido Municipal Code Sec. 22-165), which also includes the portion under the sidewalk and street.

For more information about your lateral and sewer repairs, click here.

The City's Environmental Programs oversees inspections of businesses and wastewater discharges, and a program to prevent Fats, Oil, and Grease from causing blockages in the collections system. The City also has an Industrial Waste program for significant wastewater discharges. These programs are required by the Environmental Protection Agency to prevent pollution to surface waters and damage to the wastewater treatment plant.