The City of Escondido has developed a Parklet Program that allows for parklet installations in specific areas within the downtown area of the City. Generally, a parklet is defined as a temporary conversion of on-street parking spaces into an outdoor space that may be used as a café, dining area, public gathering space, or some other active use that becomes an extension of the sidewalk and streetscape. Alternatively, a parklet may also consist of a “sidewalk bypass” to expand active outdoor spaces to the edge of the curb and to use the parklet space in the former parking lane as a sidewalk bypass. This Parklet Program replaces the temporary provisions for parklets established through the uncodified urgency Ordinance No. 2020-23. Any Special Temporary Use Permits granted under the previous provisions may remain in effect until the permits expire due to time or the commencement of construction work on Grand Avenue. Renewals of a Special Temporary Use Permit for an existing parklet shall be processed as an encroachment permit under the new Parklet Program. New parklets shall meet the requirements of the new Parklet Program.

These Parklet Program Guidelines outline the requirements for parklet installations. Due to the unique circumstances of each proposed parklet location, these are guidelines and specific elements may not be required in all cases. Similarly, there may be instances where City staff requires additional design elements not covered in these guidelines. The City of Escondido will review the parklet permit applications and will only approve parklets that are able to meet the design requirements and are determined by staff to meet traffic safety standards as established by the Municipal Code and the MUTCD guidelines.

All parklet installations, including those previously installed under a Special Temporary Use Permit, will require a Parklet Encroachment Permit from the City of Escondido as of July 1, 2023. Plans must be submitted by the business sponsor and permits must be issued by the City prior to any construction or modifications occurring. The parklets will be subject to both a one-time encroachment permit application fee, as well as an annual encroachment permit fee as defined in the Engineering Fee Schedule. And, an inspection fee from the Escondido Fire Department as defined in the Escondido Fire Department Fee Inventory. If a parklet installation includes additional work requiring a building permit, including but not limited to electrical or any roof coverings, a Building Permit application is required together with the applicable building permit and inspection fees.

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