The City of Escondido recognizes that natural resources are vital to our community.  The Environmental Programs Division works on behalf of the City Utilities Department to implement the state and federal regulations and policies pertaining to Watershed Protection.   The Division works with many other departments on storm water compliance and water conservation efforts, as well as wetland and creek restoration projects. Recycling and waste reduction are coordinated by the Recycling & Waste Reduction Division.

Everyone has a role to play.  You can help keep our local creeks and lakes healthy by stopping pollutants like irrigation runoff, trash, chemicals, and sediment from entering the City's storm drain system. To report pollution or water waste violations use Report It! or call Public Works 760-839-4668.

The content provided here is intended to help residents and business owners navigate complex environmental regulations. For more information please contact the Utilities Department at 760-839-4662 or


No matter where you live in San Diego County, you can make a difference in our watersheds!
Participate in Project Clean Water’s 52 Ways to Love Your Water pledge campaign.


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