City Hall, First Floor
201 North Broadway
Escondido, CA 92025

Phone: 760-839-4650
Fax: 760-432-6819
Hours: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

*The temporary counter hours are OPEN from 1-5 p.m until 3/29/24*

The Code Compliance Division protects life, safety, and property through the enforcement of codes and standards for the maintenance and regulation of property, buildings, and structures in the city. The Division also enforces the requirements for the licensing of all persons conducting business within the city of Escondido.

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Code Compliance Online Complaint Form

Code Compliance routinely investigates complaints regarding the following:

  • Property Maintenance Violations
    • Rubbish, trash, junk, scrap metal, lumber or construction material, etc.
    • Abandoned, discarded, or unused equipment / appliances / fixtures in public view.
    • Trash cans, bins, boxes & recycle containers stored in public view.
    • Unpermitted or improper use of tarps, plastic sheeting and similar coverings.
    • Broken windows
    • Polluted pool / pond / other water body. 
    • Allowing / maintaining weeds. 
    • Dead, diseased, decayed, unsightly, overgrown or hazardous vegetation. 
    • Vegetation growing into, upon or above public right of way.
    • Excess irrigation resulting in water flowing from the property.
    • Mosquito breeding ground. 
  • Abandoned Vehicle (on private property only)
    • If the vehicle is on the public street contact the Police Department, Abandoned Vehicle Hotline 760-839-4755.
  • Building Violations
    • Construction without permit
  • Dangerous Buildings
    • Unsecured structures
    • Structures deemed to be dangerous
  • Housing
    • Visible mold
    • Insect or rodent infestation
    • Lack of utilities or heat
  • Illegal signs in the right-of-way
  • Title 25–Mobile Homes/Parks
  • Yard Parking 
  • Zoning Violations
    • Unpermitted use of a property
    • Excessive numbers of animals

Management Staff

Code Compliance Supervisor
Monica Pinaglia


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