The City of Escondido is undergoing a planning process to develop a Public Art Master Plan. The intention is to build off the robust public art program that exists in Escondido. The planning process includes public engagement to hear from community members about their vision for art in Escondido. The final Plan will make the public’s vision implementable, identify art opportunity areas, set a framework for managing, maintaining, and inventorying the public art collection, as well as identifying potential funding sources.

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The Public Art Program exists to enrich the community by seeking, promoting, and providing publicly accessible art that reflects community goals and desires. Excellence and appropriateness shall govern all elements from concept to actualization. The City of Escondido recognizes the need to enrich the life of the community through art in public places. A Public Art Commission has been established to assist and give direction to the placement of public art.

Since the Public Art Program began in 1988, more than 22 public art projects have been initiated by the City of Escondido and private developers. The Public Art Program has received a number of local and national awards for its projects.

Public art enriches the urban landscape by engaging the eye, mind, and spirit, and fosters dialogue about how our city could look and feel. A city rich in public art creates a museum without walls. Public art assists in creating the aesthetic and design standard for the community.

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